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WIP: Valyn Di Metissi by NetheneKhthon WIP: Valyn Di Metissi by NetheneKhthon
Gee I hope this is the right category...

This is my first RP character for the recently released Iron Kingdoms (Warmachine) d20 world. She's a Llaelese Gunmage, of clear Rynr decent, complete with the arrogance that is part and parcel. She's decided that she's going to find the Gun God and garner his or her favour for the people of Llael. However, she's none too certain there even is a Gun God, so she's also bent on trying to figure out how to become one.
I'm not too certain about her costume design at the moment. It consists of thigh-high leather boots, basic trousers, a tunic and piecemeal shoulder guards... I think she needs more armor.

The gun is still in massive transit. It was loosely (as I didn't have any reference with me when I drew it) based on the gun Taryn is holding on the cover of the Iron Kingdoms Character Guide.
I think, also... that I drew her rack far too large... See, she's supposed to be this tiny little girl with somewhat comedic proportions chest-wise.
Her left leg is in limbo... in the stock photo I used the pose from, she's got her leg stretched out to the right, but I wanted her knees together... anyway, I think it's off somehow.

Pose from Who possesses some of the best stock photos I've seen.
devils-courtesan Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2006  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aww i lov that! I hope you're gonna colour it babes :) The position is awesome and i think i may take a visit to this amazing stock gallery ;) Again beautifully drawn can't wait to see it coloured .
NetheneKhthon Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for the encouragement! My plan is to colour it, as an experiment with the digital colouring process after buying CS2. I got sidetracked by the other version of Valyn, but I hope this one will be finished sometime in July. (I'm inking today)

She closed her account! It's sad, but it was pretty while it lasted.
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June 20, 2006
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