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WIP Valyn di Metissi v.2 by NetheneKhthon WIP Valyn di Metissi v.2 by NetheneKhthon
After drawing the first version of Valyn, I realized that I needed a better understanding of how she was going to look. I did a lot of sketches of guns (not that you can tell here...) and finally settled on the costume you see here through lots of research. She's set in a steampunkish war-torn world.

One major issue I realized after scanning is that Valyn is meant to be primarily left handed, so it's reasonable that I drew her holster on her right hip. BUT Valyn is technically ambidextrous, in that she is better at shooting with her right hand. If I move the holster to her left hip, it will leave the frame of the picture almost completely. Will she look funny without it?

I also agonized over whether or not to use the loose sleeves of the great leather duster. Then I realized: I gave her thigh boots and pigtails, sweeping sleeves aren't going to hurt her image.

Comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated!
TarunaTeikaliath Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2009
Thats Great!
But the holster would fit a little better being a little more deeper then it is. ;)
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